Talavera Quilt Along 2024


Get ready for a transformative experience as we embark on redecorating not one but two rooms—the bedroom and the bathroom. By the end of this adventure, we'll have achieved a sophisticated décor infused with a powerful Spanish influence.

Our inspiration stems from the renowned town of Talavera de la Reina, celebrated internationally for its ceramics dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, we're incorporating this exquisite art form into embroidery, crafting personalized pillows, tablecloths, bedside mats, bed runners, quilts, and even custom bathroom sets, tissue box covers, towel toppers, and more.

Join us on this captivating Quilt Along to discover the intricate process behind creating these stunning projects. Brace yourself, as this is not a quick endeavor—we'll be savoring the excitement over the next 12 months. Rest assured, we'll be with you every step of the way, providing detailed instructions with each release. It’s beginners friendly

What sets this Quilt Along apart is the versatility it offers. As a special bonus, we're including a booklet showcasing various layouts that you can create by combining different sizes. This opens up a world of possibilities to make your projects uniquely yours.

For those who diligently collect throughout the year, we have a treat for you! A free booklet featuring all the various layouts will be provided, showcasing the fusion of designs released throughout the year. Get ready to transform your spaces and make memories with us as we delve into the artistry of quilting!

The excitement doesn’t stop there though, the last release of this quilt along will bring everything together with the bonus booklet included showcasing a huge variety of layouts by utilizing different sizes from different releases. This is going to be a fun one folks, and we’re just getting started!

With each release, enjoy a versatile selection of four different hoop sizes, providing flexibility to create two distinct groups of layouts. Explore our layouts video on the product page or visit our YouTube channel. While a 5x5" hoop is the minimum requirement, we highly recommend expanding your options by combining a 5x5" and a 10x10" or a 6x6" and a 12x12" hoop to fully immersive experience in crafting personalized and captivating designs.

A competition

At the end of each month we’ll be holding a competition for the best project made using the Talavera design exclusively.

Entering the competition might seem daunting, but once you get going you’ll be captivated by the versatility of this stunning artform.

Have fun and join the Facebook Chat for additional tips! The prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st Prize: Receive February's Talavera release for FREE + a 50% Coupon code.
  • 2nd Prize: Receive February's Talavera release for FREE + a 25% Coupon code.
  • 3rd Prize: Receive February's Talavera release for FREE.

Terms and Conditions:

  • To qualify, submit clear, well-lit photos of your project crafted exclusively using part 1 of the Talavera Quilt set (SDS4282). Ensure your entire project is visible, with close-up shots also accepted as additional photos.

Winners will be selected based on project creativity and photo quality. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to showcase your creativity and secure the next Talavera Quilt set on us! Submit all photos in a single post on our Stitch Delight Facebook group.


What we’ve done thus far:

For this quilt along, we've selected four different color fabrics with a single color thread to match each fabric. Opt for an off-white, light cream, or eggshell color as your base, allowing your quilting to stand out. The remaining fabrics are used for borders and binding.

Always choose thread colors based on the available fabric, adjusting as needed. Opt for 100% cotton and be sure to wash before stitching—this is crucial. Start small with a quick and easy project to ensure harmonious color choices for the larger endeavor.

Our GoCustom templates are perfect for quickly creating pillows ITH, each template includes both a pillow form and cover. So, there’s no need to purchase extra pillow inners to match the size of your covers.

Stitch and assemble your blocks, then load your GoCustom template. Follow the instructions for the pillow form, as this one involves a few more steps due to the zipper for easy stuffing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out: Support@stitchdelight.net  


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