Choosing thread colours made easy (Quick Read)

Choosing a thread colour,

Ever been amped to start a new project but battle to decide on what colour thread to use? We’ve all been there, it’s even harder when there’s just the one colour to choose for the project, so many options and you have to pick just ONE! I cheat a bit by using a colour wheel, no it’s not just for painting or colouring in case you’re wondering.
I recently got an email from a customer wanting to stitch the Hoffman Dream Big design onto her Slate colour panel and wanted to know what I’d choose. It’s all personal preference at the end of the day, but having a method to limit your choices can make things quite a bit easier. A colour wheel is simply a wheel with the three colour groups we get, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Some wheels even include the gradient between these colours making it easier to match.
Using the colour wheel we can determine an assortment of colour schemes that work well together. To name a few, Complementary, Monochromatic, Traidic, Anologous etc,
These are named as they represent points on the colour wheel with reference to the main colour you chose. Sounds a bit confusing? You’ll quickly understand what I mean once you start playing with this awesome free digital colour wheel I found online. In the case with the slate coloured Dream Big Panel, I downloaded a picture of the panel, then used a colour picker (Here’s a link to Google Chromes colour picker, removes the need to download the image) to pick a colour I think would let the quilting stand out well, this gives you a HEX number starting with a #. Simply put, it’s the internet’s way of identifying the plethora colours available. Just plug this number in and see what colour groups looks best to you.
If you’re a fan of tone on tone quilting, checkout monochromatic!
We’d love to hear your thoughts and hope you found this helpful, let us know your favourite colour group 😉

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