SDS0482 3D Angel

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Freestanding lace 3D Angels to hang on the Christmas tree, with step by step photo instructions. The underskirt is fabric lace I bought from the fabric store, you can add different lace, organza, voil or whatever you think would look pretty and dainty. 4x4 body:2.41x3.03 : 5779 stitches 4x4 dress:3.74x3.87 : 20546 stitches 4x4 wings:1.98x1.68 : 3918 stitches 5x7 body:5.29x4.03 : 10777 stitches 5x7 dress:4.96x5.14 : 27907 stitches 5x7 wings:3.49x3.79 : 6561 stitches

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