SDS0480 ITH Bunny Sheet and Pillow

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This baby sheet and pillow with pillow case are all done entirely in the hoop. Two pillows included (1) 15.75x10.69", 12019 stitches, (2) 9.85x9.84", 11211 stitches. For the sheet there are 3 different size files, (1) 16.99x6.54", 18966 stitches, (2) 13.53x5.42", 14721 stitches and (3) 8.69x5.42", 9191 stitches - for the stuffed pillow there is the small pillow at 9.89x9.87", 1401 stitches and the large pillow 15.81x10.55", 1919 stitches. Learn how to make these totally in the hoop - I had no sewing machine doing these - Step by step photo instructions included !

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