Regarding the FREE current font and SITE UPDATE

Regarding the FREE current font and SITE UPDATE

Good morning on this GORGEOUS Easter Saturday - I hope you are all having a stunning Easter Weekend.  I am posting a update for you so there is no confusion on the current free font.

As you all know the site was off for a day or two as we were setting up the new security certificate. During this time, no one could download the free font, so we decided to just let the A be free until Tuesday, but we basically start with the new font from scratch on Monday, so A will be posted Monday, B Tuesday, C Wednesday, etc.  Each letter will be free for one day,  so if you add to cart and see it does not go to $0 you know its no longer free, we do take into consideration ALL TimeZones and have already added extra time so everyone on the globe has at least 24 hours to download.

We will not do dropbox again, apart from it being A LOT of extra work for us, MOST battled to download and the complaints regarding dropbox was filling up our mailbox and left NO time for digitizing.  So please go to the FAQ page and READ how to download.

We are spending lots of time on the FAQ page to answer common questions so we can lessen the emails and get more time for creating new designs.  So please take the time and read before you email.  Unlike most other digitizing companies, we are not a TEAM of people and its just myself and Gidion on digitizing, stitching, video tutorials, emails, webpage setup etc and our moderator Ruth Harvey is our Facebook Group Moderator.  

On the OLD SITE and your Purchase History !!  PLEASE READ 

You WILL be able to re-download any of your past orders untill the end of 2021 - We are finalizing the old site this week, we had to switch domains so the new site can keep the address and allocate a NEW webpage name for the OLD SITE, this takes time people as the database etc all has to go through a link change from the old name to the new name to ensure you can re-download your orders.  

You WILL NOT be able to purchase from the old site as we moved the payment gateways over to the new site.  Its purely there for you to re-download your order history.

BACKUP !! Yes very very important - Your ORDER History you need to BACKUP on your own external harddrive, computer, cloud etc.  After 2021 if you loose your designs that was on the OLD Site you need to purchase again.  We will NOT send out orders as we will no longer have that database  - we give you MONTHS to re-download your order history, so PLEASE don't wait till the last week or two, do it as soon as the site opens to ensure IF you run into problems you have PLENTY of time to retry or contact us in time.


We will announce shortly more details on WHEN we can get started on transferring those who are interested in paying the small fee, orders.

Price will be 1-50 sets - $15 (So for every 50 Sets you will be invoiced $15)  

This will strictly be done on a first come first serve basis and ONLY IF invoices are paid in full in advance.

IF there are only certain sets you want over, you need to make a list of the ORDER NUMBER and sets in the order number, which you can lookup on the old site, once its ready.  

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read, more updates will follow, meanwhile, post your ideas, projects of how you are using our designs and take part in the online conversations so we can learn from each other and help where its needed.

Warmest Hugs to Everyone

Daleen & Gidion

Apr 3rd 2021 Daleen Lubbe

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