Exciting times ahead.

Exciting times await you at StitchDelight in the coming weeks.
This morning I’d like to take this opportunity to announce, A BIG change is coming.
Since the move to the new site, we have had quite a few bumps in the road and a lot of wrinkles to iron out. We received many concerned emails, and we love the input.
We were hit hard by our payment gateway not supporting Mastercard’s and a workaround was given through the Paypal portal. We however want to give you more checkout options and a smoother experience. The current site does not offer us many options though, so we faced the decision to make another bold move …. Yes, the webpage will change once again BUT for the better, I promise.
Over the next month we’ll be moving to Shopify. Many of you are already familiar with a Shopify website as many of the digitizers make use of Shopify, so the learning curve will be minimal.
You can expect the site to look and operate a bit differently, compared to the current site, as we implemented some features from numerous requests.
Now for a big surprise, while we were forced to look at other website platforms, we again pushed the developers to see about the possibility of moving your sales history from the old site over to the new site (From the current site to the new site, yes those orders are definitely moving over) The old site order history, the developers stated its possible but they need to review the data first, its extremely costly but as our main focus is on happy customers we are more than willing to absorb this cost. We now just sit on the edge of our chairs waiting for them to review the data and tell us whether we can indeed migrate the histories. So please note this is not set in stone yet, but we will have answers for you in the coming weeks.
A lot of work is ahead of us and have been for the past month as we started getting the data ready for the developers. We are excited as we have our first draft view of the new site tomorrow. A lot of work still remain to be done, so we ask your patients in the coming month while we wrap this up. We want to make 101% sure things work smooth before we do the switch to the new site.
Meanwhile we know many of you are concerned about your order history from the old (LubcorpTrading.com) website. Or you might need a file urgently and can’t download. Please login to the site using your old StitchDelight password and if you can’t remember it, email me so I can reset it for you. If you can’t download, please let us know which set you need urgently (please bear in mind our time is limited while we work on the new site, so only URGENT requests will be handled as these sets need to be manually sent to you)
Those who paid for their history be transferred – IF the developers manage to migrate the histories, you will be given a store credit for the History Transfer payment you made, so you can add to your fabulous StitchDelight collection.
I know change is always intimidating, yet exciting, but know we have your best interest at heart and will be here to assist you every step of the way. We trust you are just excited as we are to have a smooth working website, so we can focus on creating and stitching. We have so many projects lined up and can’t wait to share with you all the ideas and creativity – On that note – yes the Steampunk stocking is on its way and I already started working on the Hoffman Holiday Quilt so you will have ample time to stitch these beauties out in time for Christmas

Aug 18th 2021 Daleen & Gidion Lubbe

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