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SDS1142 Music

SDS1142 Music

Set of 10 music designs in both 4x4 and 5x7 hoop sizes - see the pretty towel I made using these designs. I added a butterfly from one of the Dainty Flowers sets. (not included in the set, click on the image to view ALL designs and sizes included.)
Price: $16.00
16.00 USD 14.01 EUR 233.36 ZAR
Untitled Document
3.87x3.85", 5368 stitches
2.76x6.91", 8339 stitches
2.24x3.87", 6641 stitches
3.87x6.70", 13175 stitches
3.11x3.87", 4543 stitches
4.74x5.90", 8385 stitches
2.00x3.87", 3843 stitches
3.56x6.91", 9981 stitches
3.21x3.86", 3844 stitches
4.73x5.70", 6006 stitches
3.86x1.54", 4681 stitches
2.74x6.89", 8978 stitches
3.85x3.87", 3372 stitches
2.38x6.90", 4638 stitches
3.87x3.83", 6454 stitches
3.46x6.90", 9803 stitches
3.85x3.87", 3620 stitches
2.24x6.90", 5128 stitches
3.87x3.82", 3466 stitches
2.50x6.89", 5107 stitches



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