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SDS1140 Let it Bloom

SDS1140 Let it Bloom

This set contained mixed hoop size files so please click on the image to view all designs included in the set - they are mostly for the 4x4 hoop - I made this pillow as my project to show how these designs can be used, and for the people who have larger machines I added the pillow projects in the file as a bonus.
Price: $18.00
18.00 USD 15.76 EUR 262.53 ZAR
Untitled Document

11.15x9.00", 72163 stitches

9x12 hoop

3.87x3.36", 12040 stitches

4x4 hoop

3.87x2.92", 6368 stitches

4x4 hoop

4.88x5.99", 49031 stitches

5x7 hoop

1.56x0.81", 1605 stitches

4x4 hoop

1.56x1.11", 3045 stitches

4x4 hoop

3.83x3.87", 28956 stitches

4x4 hoop

2.61x2.50", 10509 stitches

4x4 hoop

3.86x3.08", 724 stitches 1.91x6.41", 11435 stitches 3.75x1.98", 5954 stitches

2.61x3.50", 3933 stitches

The following 3 designs are bonus designs - I made a project using the designs above and as I know many of you have larger machine, I include my project in this set for your convenience - the photo instructions are also included


11.02x11.02", 71648 stitches

11x11 hoop

15.86x15.84", 81920 stitches

16x16 Hoop

8.02x8.02", 63992 stitches

8x8 Hoop



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