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SDS1136 Little Ellie Elephant 4x4 and 5x7

SDS1136 Little Ellie Elephant 4x4 and 5x7

This set consist out of 16 designs for mostly the 4x4 hoop, with the exception of 2 that are for the 5x7 hoop size. I made this pillow using these designs. Stitch on bibs, baby clothes or make pillows and linen - Click on the IMAGE to view the full set with design sizes.
Price: $16.00
16.00 USD 14.19 EUR 270.86 ZAR
4.17x6.62", 25002 stitches 3.88x3.58", 18565 stitches 3.72x3.64", 19575 stitches 3.86x3.85", 8205 stitches
3.83x3.87", 9690 stitches 1.91x1.89", 6214 stitches 2.97x3.37", 8473 stitches 3.91x3.78", 13986 stitches
2.97x6.91", 23342 stitches 3.58x3.50", 18477 stitches 4.27x5.85", 12572 stitches

3.15x4.59", 12517 stitches
2.62x3.86", 9947 stitches

3.80x3.01", 8431 stitches 3.88x3.72", 10731 stitches 3.58x3.88", 8855 stitches  
Letter height is 3.08"


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