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SDS1129 Little Ellie Elephant

SDS1129 Little Ellie Elephant

A set of 17 designs for various hoop sizes - note this is not a project, but the loose designs, I just made this gorgeous pillow using the designs to show you what they look like all stitched out.
Price: $16.00
16.00 USD 14.01 EUR 233.36 ZAR
3.72x3.64", 19584 stitches 4.77x3.06", 5143 stitches 3.72x3.85", 21332 stitches 3.80x3.70", 20098 stitches
4.06x3.68", 6202 stitches 13.30x8.63", 51398 stitches 2.47x3.86", 6005 stitches 1.85x6.99", 22277 stitches
1.55x1.31", 2232 stitches 7.18x6.13", 32077 stitches 2.47x3.86", 6140 stitches 2.52x5.37", 6509 stitches

8.98x8.63", 36023 stitches 3.27x3.39", 6511 stitches 6.40x6.58", 16363 stitches  
Letter height is 3.08"


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