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Freestanding lace fancy letters. These letters can be used for scrapbooking or motif.
Price: $16.00
16.00 USD 14.79 EUR 241.96 ZAR
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Design Information


SIZES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER:1.09x1.26 inches; 892 stitches, 1.01x1.24 inches; 1,408 stitches, 0.87x0.92 inches; 774 stitches, 0.97x1.24 inches; 1,098 stitches, 0.95x1.26 inches; 1,068 stitches, 1.04x1.25 inches; 1,193 stitches, 0.92x0.92 inches; 1,048 stitches, 1.07x1.24 inches; 1,299 stitches, 0.86x1.15 inches; 852 stitches, 0.68x1.07 inches; 828 stitches, 1.05x1.26 inches; 1,323 stitches, 0.98x1.22 inches; 1,068 stitches, 1.46x1.24 inches; 1,531 stitches, 1.03x1.25 inches; 1,142 stitches, 0.97x0.93 inches; 1,006 stitches, 0.99x1.26 inches; 1,286 stitches, 0.97x1.07 inches; 1,092 stitches, 0.98x1.24 inches; 1,047 stitches, 1.16x1.07 inches; 1,061 stitches, 0.93x0.92 inches; 846 stitches, 1.01x1.20 inches; 1,103 stitches, 0.98x1.15 inches; 1,076 stitches, 1.30x1.18 inches; 1,599 stitches, 1.00x0.93 inches; 762 stitches, 0.99x1.28 inches; 1,187 stitches, 0.86x0.91 inches; 731 stitches

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