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AE027 Victorian Treasure Chest

AE027 Victorian Treasure Chest

You will be the talk of the town with this nifty novelty purse. Final project size is 4x4 Hoop 4.6"x 3.98", 5x7 Hoop 6.5"x5.8" and 6x8 Hoop 6.8"x6.5"
Price: $26.00
26.00 USD 23.04 EUR 441.46 ZAR
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Design Information





4x4:2.05x3.94 inches; 28,131 stitches

5x7:3.04x5.85 inches; 40,726 stitches

6x8:3.04x5.85 inches; 40,719 stitches

4x4:3.49x6.72 inches; 46,044 stitches

5x7:3.04x5.85 inches; 40,719 stitches

6x8:3.49x6.72 inches; 46,044 stitches

4x4:2.18x3.94 inches; 29,946 stitches

5x7:3.24x5.86 inches; 43,079 stitches

6x8:3.71x6.72 inches; 48,900 stitches

4x4:3.43x3.91 inches; 54,601 stitches

5x7:5.07x5.76 inches; 1,972 stitches

6x8:5.84x6.66 inches; 87,366 stitches





4x4:2.00x3.89 inches; 20,792 stitches

5x7:2.96x5.80 inches; 29,948 stitches

6x8:3.40x6.65 inches; 33,778 stitches

4x4:2.05x3.94 inches; 29,190 stitches

5x7:3.04x5.85 inches; 41,779 stitches

6x8:3.49x6.72 inches; 47,434 stitches

4x4:2.23x3.13 inches; 19,714 stitches

5x7:3.31x4.65 inches; 28,130 stitches

6x8:3.80x5.34 inches; 31,992 stitches


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Send us photos of the projects you make using these designs and we will gladly add them here, with a link back to your webpage (if applicable).

All photos can be emailled to lubbedd@telkomsa.net

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