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We are proud to announce our new webpage and hope you find it easy to navigate. This weeks NEWSLETTER can be viewed HERE

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Dion and Daleen Lubbe
33 Berg Rd, Port Shepstone, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
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SDS1122 Giant Freestanding Lace Butterfly
This is a large butterfly, when completed its 11"x10" - Its done in freestanding lace and can be done in the 5x7 hoop and also larger hoop files included
Price: $15.00
15.00 USD 12.54 EUR 198.59 ZAR
SDS0415 FSL Gecho
This is a freestanding lace design for the 4x4 hoop, 3.85x3.88", 14604 stitches
Price: $4.00
4.00 USD 3.34 EUR 52.96 ZAR
SDS0409 FSL Butterfly
Freestanding lace Butterfly for the 4x4 hoop - 3.87x2.49", 14256 stitches
Price: $4.00
4.00 USD 3.34 EUR 52.96 ZAR

SDS0292 Freestanding Lace Butterfly
This freestanding lace butterfly is made in the 4x4 hoop, 3.77x3.72", 16436 stitches and comes with loop for hanging on Christmas tree.
Price: $4.00
4.00 USD 3.34 EUR 52.96 ZAR
SDS0259 Butterfly
These butterflies makes beautiful gifts, use them to hang on doors, make window charms etc. At only 8028 stitches for the 4x4 hoop (2.19x1.79) They stitch out fast.
Price: $5.00
5.00 USD 4.18 EUR 66.20 ZAR
SDS0260 Butterfly Charm
This butterfly charm is freestanding lace, done in the 5x7 hoop, when rinsed the flowers fall down at different levels, add some beads and bow to the top to finish off this cupboard charm, 2.54x4.20", 14304 stitches.
Price: $5.00
5.00 USD 4.18 EUR 66.20 ZAR

SDS0138 Freestanding lace Butterfly
This cute little butterfly can be stitched onto clothing, used as a freestanding lace design in plant pokers and so much more - its done in the 4x4 hoop, 1.63x2.22", 6361 stitches
Price: $4.00
4.00 USD 3.34 EUR 52.96 ZAR
Beautiful Monograms perfect for linen and napkins. These are done in the 4x4 hoop
Price: $16.00
16.00 USD 13.38 EUR 211.83 ZAR
DS0033 3D Butterfly 3 Designs
3D Butterfly with multiple wings - click on the image for design information.
Price: $8.00
8.00 USD 6.69 EUR 105.92 ZAR

DS0103 FSL Butterflies Designs
FSL Butterflies - click on the images to view the full set.
Price: $12.00
12.00 USD 10.03 EUR 158.88 ZAR
DS0107 FSL Bfly ornaments Designs
Freestanding lace butterflies, click on the images to view them all.
Price: $15.00
15.00 USD 12.54 EUR 198.59 ZAR
DS0022 3D Dragonfly
Make a pretty table cloth with these multiwing 3D dragonflies all over. Done in the 4x4 hoop. wings 1: 3.53x3.54, 11349 stitches, wings 2: 2.87x2.88, 8576 stitches, wings 3: 2.27x2.28,6338 stitches, body: 3.57x3.55, 3185 stitches.
Price: $6.00
6.00 USD 5.02 EUR 79.44 ZAR

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