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Dion and Daleen Lubbe
33 Berg Rd, Port Shepstone, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
Tel: (+27)039-6857253

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WishList Questions

Create a wishlist to add all your favourite designs, but can't yet afford. You can then order directly from that wish list, or send the wishlist to your friends or family members where they can then order from your wish list.


Create a seperate Birthday Lists for various friends of family, where they can add sets they like and when their birthday comes up you can purchase those items for them as a gift


You can create various lists if you want to organize your wish list into categories, create one for Projects, one for Freestanding Lace etc. Or in order of how badly you want to obtain them, create list like - buy these first, buy these second etc.



Gift Certificate Questions


The Gift Certificates feature allows you to purchase a gift certificate for a amount of your choice and send it on to the chosen recipient. The value of the designs are written off against the total of the certificate, which means that the person you send the gift certificate to, don't need to use it all at once, they can use half now and keep the rest for later etc.


You can purchase a gift certificate in your own name for a chosen amount which can act as a credit amount, then as you see sets you like or perhaps promotion items you can use that credit. You can for example purchase a $100 gift certificate when you can afford it and spend it throughout the year or keep it for the wonderfull Christmas promotion towards the end of the year.



How to Order and download your purchase

Very important to always login before you start to add sets to your cart. If you don't have a account yet, you can register a FREE account here

Or if you just want to login you can click on My Account on the status bar or CLICK HERE

You can now start to add sets to your shopping cart.

The webpage WILL warn you if you purchased something previously when using Firefox or Internet Explorer, this feature does not currently work on other browsers, please make sure you don't have a pop up killer active and that your security settings allow pop ups.

You can now add sets to you shopping cart, when you want to review your cart click on the shopping cart on the silver bar, or on the left below the categories you will find the mini cart, where you can review or checkout from. Please review your cart several times to make sure you only have ONE of a set in, more if you like to purchase for a friend as well - you are asked several times to review your cart, so PLEASE take the time and review before checking out.

After you completed your order either by Credit card or paypal you will receive download links - you will be directed back to the webpage to download, you will also receive a download link via email which is valid for 10 days, and you can ALSO just log back into your account and follow these easy instructions to download

Login to with your email address and password
Click on My Account
Click on Account Management
Click on the relevant order you want to download (click here)
On the next page, click on the DOWNLOAD button

(PLEASE NOTE: there seem to be a short delay with paypal processing payments and giving the command back to my webpage to allow your download, so IF you paid using paypal and cannot immediately download, please try in a few minutes to one hour again)

IF (And this option is for South Africans ONLY) you chose the EFT option.

That means (NO CASH DEPOSITS Please as there is a very high bank charge on cash deposits, if you do make a cash deposit, please add R45 to your total to cover the bank charges)

you will proceed to checkout using the EFT option, when you click on the Checkout button you will receive instructions to complete your purchase.

PLEASE check below the $ price on the webpage is a ZAR (Zuid Afrikaanse Rand) and next to it a value, that is your Rand price ! But you can calcualte the total as well by using the instructions. After you made the payment PLEASE email or SMS me proof of payment. SMS/Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger is the fastest way as I check my phone regularly, Email takes time as I check emails twice per day, mornings and evenings, so if you are in a hurry please SMS rather -

VERY IMPORTANT !! - Please Please don't send the SMS via the bank app - when you send a sms through the bank, I receive a number and amount, no name and no order number on it, so its impossible to link it to you - resulting in you getting upset and frustrated and me sitting with my hands in my hair as I do not know who the payment belongs to -

ALSO ALWAYS and I can't stress this enough ALWAYS use your order number as reference - nothing else just the order number - Many times the bank account is not in your name or has a different name, so how am I suppose to know the order belongs to you, on my bank statement it will show the account holders name and not YOUR name, if you however used the order number as reference I can immediately trace and approve the order - Remember this is a manual process - IF you are in a hurry for your order use Credit card or Paypal which are instant download options

I am busy with a new webpage which will take care of this, but it will only be ready late in 2017


Loyalty Points - What is it and how do I use it ?

Each time you purchase something from the webpage you earn points - its has a low value, its a incentive and not meant as a huge discount, however it builds up if you safe your points through the year - and you can then use it towards your payment for designs during a Christmas SALE or when that special set comes along which you just have to have.

The number of points I know looks huge, sometimes will tell you 12 000 points and you think WOW thats a lot I can buy this whole site with that, unfortunately I don't have control over the amounts and how its displayed, I make use of Wizywig templates as I am not a programmer but trying my best, so I have just a few tools and features to work with. The value of these points you will see when you checkout, just above the total its in RED -next to it you will see a drop down menu with Redeem points, or SAVE points for future purchase - select the option you want and then checkout. IF you apply the points your total will reduce with the amount in RED

How do I UNZIP my purchase ?

On the older versions of Windows you needed a program like Winzip, 7Zip, Winrar etc, there are sooooo many programs out there that will unzip, find one that works for you, just remember not all programs are FREE, they might have a 30 day trail and when its over you need to purchase. The newer versions of Windows you can just right click on the file where you saved it and click on the Extract to... button, select where you want to extract to and it will open the zip and place your designs in a folder for you from where you can use them.



I am subscribed to the newsletter but don't always receive if WHY ?

There are thousands of reasons a newsletter email won't reach you - I use MailChimp to send out the newsletters and each day I see in the stats many emails bouncing. You have to remember your mailbox might only be 5mb to 10mb in size - so if your email is not open and receiving throughout the day there is a good chance that it might get full with messages and my message will then bounce back. I cannot resend sorry as I will sit here day in and out resending emails, PLEASE make sure you either upgrade your mail box size or make sure its emptied regularly to avoid soft bounces.

Another problem that occurs frequently is that each service provider has spam filters installed, they have a whole vocabulary of words they identified as possible spam, scam, virus type of words - now IF I used one of these words and it might be a simple word as stitch and its in their spam list they WILL block my post before it even reaches you - SO What to do ? You simply contact your ISP and make sure that and is in your trusted list, you can do the same in your email software under security and trusted list and just add my two email addresses in that trusted list and the words I use will be ignored and post will go through. Alternatively please joing any of the social media or yahoo groups


Yahoo Groups





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